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Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! At Landtuitive, we pride ourselves in offering fair prices, and a transparent, seamless experience with our team. We will walk you through the entire process of selling your land and want to make sure you feel comfortable working with us.

Nope! We pay for closing (this includes escrow fees, due diligence, cleaning up property, etc.). We want the closing process to be as easy & painless as possible.

Absolutely! Many of the properties we purchase have back tax issues. We send all property information to a title agency who in turn does the research on things like back taxes. As long as the back taxes are within reason Landtuitive will pay the back taxes at the time of title transfer. Remember, we take care of ALL fees associated with the purchase of your property.

We most likely can make you a solid offer within 2 business days. Sometimes it’s faster if we have availability! Our team works as fast as they can.

We help others to find raw land for hunting, agriculture, ranching, personal, and other outdoor recreational uses. Often we will improve a property by bringing utilities such as water, sewer, and power to the tract – if it is not there already. We pay for several expensive studies and reports such as an alta survey, soil report, hydrology report, geo-technical report, environmental report, etc. Every county has its own set of rules and regulations, and so we want to make sure everything is up to code!

It truly depends on how busy our team is at the time 🙂 We try to have a sold offer back within a few days. We really prefer to have a team member communicate with the county planning & zoning and the local utilities company to confirm due diligence information. Most of the time, we send a team member out to walk the property as well.
When you submit your property on our site, it goes directly to our team to start the beginning of our due diligence process. It’s the fastest way to get a response from us!
We will work with a title company to handle all fees and transfer of money via escrow. We want this to be safe and easy for both of us.